What is Orientation?

Anyone new to the United States will need some assistance to become accustomed to the methods and environment of an American university. The Center for International Students at Truman State University conducts a mandatory orientation prior to the start of the semester for all new international students. During orientation, topics covered include everything from maintaining your legal status to academic success at Truman.

International students on campus

Following International Orientation, beginning freshmen participate in Truman Week, an orientation for American and international students. During Truman Week, all international beginning freshmen will be expected to participate. The Center for International Students will host a variety of activities for all transfer, exchange and graduate international students.


After attending school so far away from home, my level of independence has increased tremendously. I didn’t know anyone at Truman when I started my first semester here, but now I have the most amazing friends!

Brinesha Foulkes, Bahamas