Transfer Credit for International Students

Sources of Transfer Credit

  • Secondary School: Occasionally, transfer credit will be awarded for higher level high school courses in which the subject content equals or surpasses the content of a Truman course.
  • A-Levels: Transfer credit may be given for A-level examinations with a grade of C and above.
  • International Baccalaureate: Students who complete the IB with a minimum score of 30 will receive a minimum of 30 transfer credits equal to one academic year of study.  More information about International Baccalaureate transfer credits can be found here.
  • Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination: Truman will accept scores of 1-4 on CAPE results for transfer credit. Here is a list of CAPE Exams accepted by Truman and how they are articulated into Truman credits.
  • Colleges and Universities: There is no limit on the number of credits that can be transferred from a university. However, students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours at Truman in order to qualify for a degree at Truman. Of this 45, the last 28 credits must immediately precede the granting of the degree. A minimum of 15 credit hours of required major coursework must be completed at Truman.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

  • Truman has already evaluated courses at several universities worldwide for transfer credit. Click here and select ‘Foreign Country’ to look for your international college or university.
  • International students are encouraged to submit course descriptions and/or syllabi to the Registrar’s Office if they want their courses to transfer as substitution to Truman courses.  Both the course description and the course syllabus are recommended.
  • English official translations of transcripts must be submitted along with the official transcripts.  The Registrar’s Office will not translate transcripts.
  • English versions of the course descriptions and/or syllabi must be submitted.
  • Official translations of all documentation must be submitted.  Student translated versions are not accepted.
  • Coursework taken for the purpose of English language learning will not be accepted for transfer credit.  However, other English subject courses (i.e. literature, poetry, creative writing) will be evaluated for possible transfer.

Important Aspects of Transfer Credit

  • Not all courses will qualify for transfer credit.
  • Transfer credit will be given only for courses that are identical or similar to the courses offered at Truman.
  • Transferring a large number of credits DOES NOT necessarily mean a student will complete a degree in a shorter length of time. Credits may transfer, but may or may not meet the requirements for a degree at Truman State University.

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