Nepal: Deepson

Deepson ShresthaDeepson

Majors: Computer Science

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Student Organizations: Truman Student Government, Union and Involvement Services, Namaste Nepal

How has your experience at Truman changed you?

Since coming to Truman, I have grown a lot as a student and a person. I have taken up a lot of positions and have been heavily involved in different departments within the university. All the new experiences, connections, and interactions I have had have definitely refined and redefined my values and skill set. Overall, I’ve become a better person than I was before. 

How has Truman education prepared you for your career?

The liberal arts education at Truman has helped me become a more balanced individual. The computer programming classes that I’ve taken have taught me new skills that I’m going to use in my future occupation as a software engineer. The jobs that I’ve committed myself to and the obligations that I’ve taken up have provided me with real life work experiences that are going to be crucial in my life after Truman.

What is your favorite activity at Truman?

My favorite thing is to sit  by myself in one of the empty group-study rooms on the second floor of Violette Hall. I personally enjoy both noisy and peaceful places, but I prefer calm places. The study rooms are definitely one of the calmest places at Truman. You can sit by yourself, do assignments, or have time to re-evaluate yourself.