Germany: Philipp

PhilippePhilipp Holz

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Campus Involvement: Bulldog Student Investment Fund (BSIF), Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Alph Psi (BAP)

What is your favorite thing about Kirksville?

My favorite thing in Kirksville is Thousand Hills State park. I enjoy hanging out with friends, going on hikes, or kayaking when it’s still warm.

What is the atmosphere like for international students at Truman?

The atmosphere at Truman is very welcoming for international students. I found it easy to integrate into the campus community and make a lot of connections with my peers. I also like that cultural organizations such as Namaste Nepal, Korean American Student Association (KASA), Vietnamese Student Association, and more host events to share their culture.

What is your favorite activity at Truman?

I love Truman Week because you always meet so many new students and you have a lot of time to be with your new friends.

What would you tell a prospective student about Truman?

Truman is a great college when your first priority is a very good education for an affordable price. It’s a small college, but it’s nice because it’s very easy to make friends and you always see someone you know on your way to class. The student-to-faculty ratio is also very low which means that your professors are very approachable and are always available if you need help in the class or some advice. Truman also offers a lot of great resources that will help you to succeed if you take advantage of them.