When F-1 students want to transfer to another university, they must request that their SEVIS record be transferred. The Center for International Students processes the transfer of SEVIS immigration records only. All matters related to the transfer of your academic credit should go through the Registrar’s office.

Requesting a SEVIS record transfer does NOT automatically withdraw a student from courses. Students are responsible for withdrawing from any Truman courses in which they are enrolled once the CIS has approved the transfer. Failure to withdraw from courses will result in fees on the student account.

  1. Transferring the SEVIS record is a necessary part of the transfer process. Only the school that holds a student’s SEVIS record can create an I-20 for that student.
  2. If you are still studying at Truman, your SEVIS record will not be eligible for transfer until the end of the current semester.
  3. If you are on OPT, note that your OPT will end on the date that your SEVIS record transfers to the new school, so keep that in mind when selecting a SEVIS release date.
  4. The SEVIS release date is a date that you choose for your SEVIS record to be transferred. You cannot receive an I-20 from your new school before your SEVIS release date.
    • If you are still studying, it must be after the end of the current semester.
    • If you are on OPT, choose a date after you plan to stop working.
    • The SEVIS release date MUST be before classes begin at your new school.
    • The SEVIS release date cannot be more than five months before classes begin at your new school.
  5. Regarding transfer eligibility forms: Some universities may request information from the Center for International Students prior to making an admissions decision.
    • Truman is happy to verify a student’s SEVIS status, however many universities request extensive information that students themselves are able to provide. Truman is simply unable to keep up with such requests.
    • Truman’s policy is that we do not complete forms that request a SEVIS release date or any information beyond confirmation of active status for the purposes of admission to other institutions.
    • Truman’s policy regarding SEVIS records in any status other than active is the requirement written confirmation from the transfer-in school of acknowledgement of the students’ status and acceptance of a record transferred in that status. We will not transfer records in terminated status without the prior, written agreement of a DSO at the transfer-in school.
    • Until students have an acceptance letter, we can only provide an explanation letter to confirm the SEVIS record is in ACTIVE status. Our interpretation of 214.2(f)(8)(ii)(C) indicates that this is all that is legally required to verify a student’s eligibility for transfer. If this is problematic for your new school, you are welcome to show them this page and ask them to contact us directly.

The SEVIS transfer process:

Students who wish to transfer must complete a formal Transfer-Out Request on Truview. Click on ‘Registration,’ then click on ‘F-1 Student Forms.” The Transfer-Out Request will appear.

In order to formally request a transfer, you must be able to provide proof of acceptance to another university. This can be a paper letter or an email saying you are accepted. You will upload it as part of the Transfer-Out Request.

You will receive an email once your Transfer-Out Request has been processed and approved. At this time Truman will be able to complete any documentation required by the transfer-in school.

Transfers can be set in SEVIS ahead of time. However, once the record has transferred, we cannot retrieve it. Should you change your mind about transferring, or decide to attend a different school, we won’t be able to make those changes after your SEVIS release date has passed.

Allow 5-10 business days for a transfer to be processed.

Once you have received a transfer approval notice, you should ensure you are withdrawn from all Truman courses and have paid your Truman bill.

Students transferring due to academic difficulties:

You MUST be honest about your situation with your new school. Many schools will REVOKE an admission offer if your final semester’s transcripts were not as you had described them. The new school has the right to terminate your SEVIS record if you do not provide them with your Truman transcripts in a timely manner. It is YOUR responsibility to make the new school aware of your situation. The CIS will not do that for you.