ISEP Information

ISEP students can receive authorization for J-1 Academic Training. However, their training must be authorized by ISEP instead of the Center for International Students.

While the regulations regarding Academic Training are the same for all participants, the process of application differs slightly for ISEP students.

The following are issues ISEP students should be aware of:

  • Approval for J-1 Academic Training takes longer. The application must be sent to ISEP, approved by ISEP, and returned to the student. Center for International Students processing time for Academic Training is approximately one week, it will likely take longer for ISEP students. Please take this into consideration when letting a potential employer know about your start date.
  • While the regulations regarding J-1 Academic Training are set by the United States government and apply to all J-1 participants, sometimes institutions interpret those rules differently. This means that each institution has different ways of evaluating training opportunities. An opportunity that Truman might authorize for a J-1 student might not be authorized by ISEP, and vice versa.

ISEP students can review the ISEP Academic Training Information & Application for a complete list of documents needed and application instructions.