International Students

Graduate Costs & Scholarships

Estimated Graduate Costs for International Students Per Year (2022-2023)

Type of CostAmount
Tuition (9 credit hours/semester)$7,470
Required Recurring Fees (estimate)$1054
Required Health Insurance$1,604
Off Campus Housing (estimate)$6,000
Total Estimated Recurring Billable Costs (Off Campus estimate)$16,128
On Campus Housing$9,935.50
Total Estimated Recurring Billable Costs (On Campus estimate)$20,063.50

Additional Points and Costs When Budgeting for Truman

Graduate students have options for how quickly to pace their program of studies. The tuition estimates shown above assume a 12-credit load each semester. Students who choose a smaller course load can budget roughly 20% less for tuition for a 9-credit load or 20% more for a 15-credit load.

Graduate students may live on or off campus and estimates for each option are shown in the chart above. The on campus estimate is based on the average cost of room and board with double occupancy rooms and the 15-meal plan. More information on housing and meal plans can be found here:

Required recurring fees include the activity fee, student government fee, student health fee, athletic fee, information technology fee, sustainability fee, international student fee and an average of enrollment fees.

For the first semester, all incoming students are assessed fees for orientation and any TB testing or vaccinations required by student health. These one-time expenses are currently estimated at $1,000.

There may be additional charges for discretionary fees such as a parking sticker ($130/year), special course, lab or materials fees, etc.

Students must purchase their own books and supplies and should prepare to spend between $200 and $500 per semester.

Students should budget for potential increases in tuition, housing, and insurance of 1-5% annually.

Personal expenses and transportation costs vary from student to student but need to be considered in personal budget planning.

Please contact with any questions regarding international student expenses.

Scholarships for Graduate Studies

Truman State’s international admissions offices does not offer merit-based or need-based scholarships for international graduate students; however, scholarships and assistantships are sometimes available through the individual graduate departments. Students are encouraged to speak directly with the faculty for their program to see if any additional financial resources are available.