Address Update

Every international student at Truman must update their current address with the Center for International Students (CIS) each semester. This information will be used to update your information in the SEVIS database.

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If J-1, are you an ISEP student?

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                                              Residence Hall Addresses

             Blanton-Nason-Brewer Hall:                          West Campus Suites:
              1009 South Mulanix                                         215 West Normal
             BNB Room # ____                                            WCS Room # ____
             Kirksville, MO 63501                                         Kirksville, MO 63501?

             Campbell Apartments:                                   Missouri Hall:
             1601 South Florence                                         809 South Mulanix
             Campbell Apt # ____                                       Missouri Hall Room # ____
             Kirksville, MO 63501                                         Kirksville, MO 63501

             Centennial Hall:                                              Randolph Apartments:
             1000 S. Franklin                                                516 East Randolph
             Centennial Hall Room # ____                           Randolph Apt # ____
             Kirksville, MO 63501                                          Kirksville, MO 63501

             Dobson Hall:                                                    Ryle Hall:
             1111 South Mulanix                                            1215 South Mulanix
             Dobson Room # ____                                      Ryle Hall Room # ____
             Kirksville, MO 63501                                          Kirksville, MO 63501


                                             Sample Off-Campus Address

                                    [Number] [Street Name], [Apartment Number]
                                              [City], [State] [Zip/Postal Code]

                                                  804 North Filmore, Apt 3
                                                      Kirksville, MO 63501

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