International Student Registration Guide: Support for International Students

International Orientation is an introductory event to the American and Truman culture and an explanation of the processes, procedures and policies governing your studies and time in the U.S. Attendance at the International Orientation is mandatory for all incoming Truman international students. Please arrange your travel schedule accordingly!

The Center for International Students is responsible for recruitment, admission, orientation, and support of all international students. Staffed by the Assistant Director of International Education, the International Admissions Coordinator, the International Student Advisor, and many teams of student assistants, supports students from the application process to graduation and beyond.

The Academic Success Mentoring Program is an outreach program run by the Center for International Students aimed at helping new international students adjust to the American educational system. New students will begin meeting with their Academic Success Mentor, a successful student at Truman, during the first full week of classes. Students will receive an email from their assigned mentor to arrange a convenient time to meet. Participation in the Academic Success Mentoring Program is mandatory for all new degree-seeking students as it is a condition of admission to Truman.

Cultural Integration Leaders are American students who live in the residence halls or off-campus and assist new international students adjust to the social and cultural differences of American college life. The Cultural Integration Leaders are here to welcome new students to campus and they continue to work with students throughout their time at Truman.

International Ambassadors are current international students who have successfully transitioned to college life and want to help you do the same. You may have already spoken with an International Ambassador before you arrived at Truman, as they reach out by calling admitted students and managing the Newly Admitted Truman Students Facebook page. You will have many opportunities to connect with the International Ambassadors upon your arrival and during International Student Orientation. The International Ambassadors have shared the same experiences you will face as an international student at Truman and are an excellent source of information.

New Student Advisors & The Center for Academic Excellence — The professional advisors, peer advisors, and tutors of the Center for Academic Excellence help students make a smooth academic and social transition to Truman, beginning with freshmen orientation (Truman Week) and transfer student orientation. Our Academic Advisors assist all new students with registration and ensure that students find the campus resources they need for success. They also teach courses such as Book and Discussion, which allow their advisees to connect with each other as well as their advisor. In addition, the Center co-sponsors events, including the International Film Festival and student-initiated programs.

Cultural Clubs — Student organizations centered around certain countries or areas of the world or for all areas of the world are popular at Truman to teach others about the countries and cultures they represent and to support students from those countries and cultures.

The Writing Center — The Truman State University Writing Center provides all Truman students with a comfortable environment for conversations about writing. Writing Consultants work with writers at all levels of competence, from all disciplines, and at any stage of the writing process. They assist students in generating ideas, drafting, revising, and editing. The Writing Consultants are always ready to share ideas about writing strategies and techniques.