International Student Registration Guide: Health Requirements & Health Services

Student Health Center and Medical History

The Student Health Center is an on-campus health facility staffed by a physician, trained nurse practitioners, and nurses. The center is open Monday through Friday. Students can make appointments by calling the Student Health Center or scheduling an appointment online. The fees for the Student Health Center charges will be filed with your insurance. Any fees not covered by insurance will be charged to the student’s account and are the student’s responsibility. All services provided are confidential.

Complete and submit the Medical History Form found on TruView (you can also find the Medical History Form on our International Students: Forms webpage). It is important that you complete this form as thoroughly as possible. The Medical History Form is a valuable tool for the health care providers. Students who do not have a health history on file will be required to complete one prior to being seen for any non-emergency care.

Services Provided:

  • General Medical Care
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Immunizations & TB Testing
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Reproductive Health Care (for men and women)
  • Lab (In-house & SmithKlineBeacham Clinical Lab)
  • Allergy Injections

Immunization Requirements

Students should mail or scan and email proof of their vaccinations to the Center for International Students. Students requesting medical or religious waivers should contact the Student Health Center. Serological titers will be required for students requesting permanent medical or religious waivers of the immunization requirements.

All students must meet vaccination requirements before arriving on campus.

  1. Two Measles Vaccination: The two doses of measles required by the immunization policy can be met in a number of ways. An individual may receive two doses of a combined vaccine such as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), or a measles & rubella (MR), or two separate measles immunizations. The first measles immunization must have been on or after the student’s first birthday. The second must have been given at least one month after the first. Documentation of the required immunizations must be attached to the health center history form.
  2. One Meningococcal Vaccination

Mandatory Tuberculosis Testing

Truman has adopted a policy requiring Tuberculosis (TB) screening and testing for all incoming international students. All students will be tested at orientation before classes begin. If you have received a recent TB test in the United States, then there is a possibility that you will be able to use those results instead of receiving another exam. However, all decisions regarding the viability of previous testing within the United States are made by the Student Health Center. Anyone testing positive for TB will have a chest x-ray and follow-up treatment. The cost of the testing ($110) will be billed to your student account along with tuition, housing, and other fees.

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center is available for all currently enrolled Truman students. Every counselor at the Counseling Center is a licensed practical counselor, and has extensive training in counseling and are professionally dedicated to working with college students. Their services include individual, group, and relationship counseling, as well as screenings and consultations.