International Graduate Students: Steps for Enrollment

  1. Submit the Acceptance of Admission Offer
    a. Let us know if you will be attending Truman or not, or if you would like to defer your acceptance by completing this form. You must confirm your attendance to Truman in order to start completing your enrollment.
  2. Read, sign, and submit the Registration Agreement
    a. This agreement states that you agree to pay all tuition and fees to the university. This can be done on TruView or by submitting the paper form.  Please read the entire agreement, sign, and submit the form.
  3. Complete your Residence Hall Application
    a. If you plan on living on campus, you must complete this application.
    b. Complete all required information in order to submit your residence hall application. Rank all housing options from 1-12, with 1 being your first choice and 12 being your last choice.  For more information about the residence halls, visit our Residence Life website.
    c. This can be done on TruView or by submitting the paper form.
  4. Complete the Medical History Form
    a. This form provides the Student Health Center with your medical history, which is needed in the case of an emergency.
    b. Print this form, complete, and sign it. Email it back to the Center for International Students at  We will pass this along to the Student Health Center for you.
  5. Send in all immunization records
    a. All students must have two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations. The first MMR vaccine must have been administered after your first birthday, and the second must be administered at least 30 days after the first.
    b. All students must have one meningococcal vaccination. This must have been administered after your 16th birthday.
    c. Please email immunization records to We ask that you provide English translations with immunization records.  If you are not sure you have received the appropriate immunizations, we can pass your records along to the Student Health Center for evaluation.
  6. Submit your travel plan confirmation
    a. All students are required to provide our office with detailed travel and arrival plans. This helps us with preparing for your arrival.
    b. You can reserve a seat on one of our shuttles by completing this form.
    c. Complete the attached form and submit it to
  7. Complete your visa status notice
    a. After you have had your visa interview, please submit the visa status notice informing us if your visa has been approved or denied. If it has been denied, please indicate if you plan to re-apply for a student visa.