SEVIS Registration

SEVIS and Registration

F-1 and J-1 students must be registered in SEVIS each semester within 30 days of the beginning of classes. They must be enrolled full-time (minimum 12 credits) each Fall and Spring semester.

Truman defines registration as:

  • Enrollment in at least 12 credit hours (unless authorized for fewer, see Reduced Course Load).
  • Fees are paid, either in full or, if paying by installment, at least the first installment.
  • No registration holds.
  • Current U.S. residential address is has been updated using the SEVIS Address Update*.

* The Registrar’s Office also requires that students complete an address update. This is a separate update from the SEVIS address update. International students are required to complete both.

How I register in SEVIS?

Click here. Complete the form.

You will need: your residential address in Kirksville, a phone number, and your SEVIS number. This is the number that is above the barcode on your I-20 (right hand corner), or in the top portion of your DS-2019. It only takes about five minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT: if you have problems with the form, make sure you contact the CIS at immediately!

When do I have to register in SEVIS?

Immigration regulations require that all F-1 and J-1 students complete their SEVIS Address Update within 30 days of the beginning of classes. Students who fail to do this will be subject to automatic termination of their SEVIS records and required to leave the United States.

Can my friend do this for me?

NO! Only you can register in SEVIS. If your friend makes a mistake with your information, your SEVIS registration will not be accepted.

What if I am unable to pay my bill by this time?

You can still register in SEVIS using the SEVIS Address Update form. For students who are unable to access their funds in time to meet university deadlines, they need to contact the office of Student Accounts in McClain Hall and the CIS.

What happens if I do not register in SEVIS before the deadline?

The CIS will make every effort to ensure that students register in SEVIS. Once classes have started, all international students will receive emails detailing the SEVIS Address Update process. As the deadline approaches, students who still have not complied can expect to receive classroom visits, calls to family members, etc. in order to prevent termination of their SEVIS record.

However, the CIS can only do so much. It is up to the student to actually complete the address update and maintain their legal status. Students must be conscious of their responsibilities.

The federal government regulates F and J non-immigrant visa categories by using the SEVIS system. The CIS is charged with updating SEVIS records; however, certain SEVIS functions occur automatically. The CIS has no control over these automatic functions. One of these functions is termination for students who failed to register in SEVIS. SEVIS automatically terminates any student records that have not been registered 30 days after classes begin. Students with terminated SEVIS records are no longer legally allowed to be present in the United States.

The CIS’s goal is assist all students in maintain valid student status. The CIS will make every attempt to notify you (normally via email) if you are in danger of losing your status. All students MUST check their Truman email regularly. You are responsible for all of the information in your email inbox.

I submitted my SEVIS Address Update. Will you email me to confirm that you got it?

No, unfortunately due to high volume of update forms the CIS receives, it is not possible to email every student.

If you complete your update, but still receive an email saying that you have not yet done it, make sure that you have completed the correct form. The registrar also has a required update form that is completely separate from the SEVIS update. International students are required to do both.

If you receive an email saying that you still need to complete your update, even though you have already done that, you might need to do it one more time. If you have to update more than one time, please email the CIS to make sure that they received it.