International Beginning Freshman: Steps for Enrollment

  1. Set Up Your TruView Account with Your Banner ID
    1. Once you have been fully accepted, you will receive two emails containing instructions about the enrollment process and how to set up your TruView account. You must set up this account to get access to many of the forms and websites needed to complete your enrollment at Truman State. The first email will contain instructions and your username. The second will contain your Banner ID. You will need both of these to set up your account.
  2. Accept Your Offer of Admission
    1. Submit your Acceptance of Admission Offer: You must confirm your attendance to Truman in order to start your enrollment. Let us know if you will be attending Truman or not by completing this form.
  3. Make a Visa Appointment:
    1. Use your I-20 or DS-2019 to set up a visa appointment with your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible.
    2. Keep us up-to-date with our Visa Status Update form and let us know when you schedule your visa appointment and get your decision.
  4. Get Enrolled in Classes:
    1. Read, sign, and submit the Registration Agreement: Go to TruView > Accepted International Students > Accepted International Student Forms > Registration Agreement and select the term when you will be starting classes (e.g. “Spring 2022” or “Fall 2022”)
    2. Submit your Registration Questionnaire (not required for exchange students): Go to TruView > Accepted International Students> Next Steps> Registration Questionnaire. This questionnaire is used by your academic advisor to place you in the best choice of classes for your first semester.
    3. Complete the required Math Placement Tests: Math I and Math II are required. Language tests, as well as the Communication placement exam, are optional. Go to TruView > Accepted International Students > Next Steps > Placement Exams.
      1. Math Placement tests are used by your academic advisor to place you in the most appropriate level of math. You should not study for these exams and you don’t need to stress about them. Taking the exams without preparation will yield the best results for your math placement. You must take Math I and Math II, even if you feel like Math II is beyond your level it will help get you the best placement.
      2. If you have previously studied Chinese, Latin, German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Communication, and would like to take classes in the subject(s) while at Truman, you MUST take the appropriate placement test(s). these tests will help your advisor place you in the most appropriate foreign language class level. Note: You do not need to take a placement test to study Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Ancient Greek. If you wish to study one of these languages, you should speak to your advisor about this when you arrive for orientation. You CANNOT take foreign language instruction classes taught in your native language. You will not receive credit for classes taken in your native language. 
  5. Sign Up for Housing
    1. Submit your Housing Application & Pay your Housing Deposit: Go to TruView > Accepted International Students > Submit Housing > Submit Residence Hall Application. Freshman who are 21 and over and Transfers who are 18 and older may live off-campus.
    2. Complete all required information and submit your residence hall application. For more information about the residence halls and meal plans, visit our Residence Life website.
    3. Keep Us Up-to-Date with Your Housing Status: All students–including those planning to live on campus and off campus–should complete our housing update form to keep us updated about your housing plans and application progress
      1. Spring 2022 Housing Update Form
      2. Fall 2022 Housing Update form is not yet available.
  6. Share Your Travel Plans & Book a Shuttle
    1. Submit the Travel Plan Form: Complete this form to tell us how and when you will be arriving on campus. Shuttles can be booked from several nearby travel hubs for a small fee.
      1. Spring 2022 Travel Plan Form
      2. Fall 2022 Travel Plan form is not yet available.
  7. Submit Your Immunization Records to Student Health
    1. Complete the following forms and return them to Student Health:
      1. Medical History (4 pages)
      2. Copy of immunization records showing proof of 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination doses is required. Both doses have to be taken after 12 months of age and the 2 doses have to be taken 30 or more days apart. Immunization records that are not in English should be accompanied by an English translation.
      3. Copy of immunization records showing proof of Meningococcal immunization is required for all students living in the dorms. This must have been received after age 16. Immunization records that are not in English should be accompanied by an English translation.
    2. Complete additional immunizations and TB testing on arrival:
      1. If you are not sure you have received the appropriate immunizations, the Student Health Center will evaluate your records and communicate what is needed to you.
      2. Students who have not received the required immunizations prior to arrival on campus can receive their vaccinations at Truman State.
      3. All international students will be required to receive a TB test upon arrival
      4. Truman’s international student health insurance contains a wellness credit that can help defray the cost of additional immunizations and TB testing.
  8. Pay Your Bill
    1. Access and view your student bill: Go to TruView > Student tab > Student Finances > Student Account Suite
    2. Charges and credit on your account: Charges for tuition and fees will appear on your account as explained here:
      1. Tuition and fees will be charged once you have been registered for classes
      2. Housing charges will appear when you have completed your housing application and been assigned housing
      3. Additional charges for insurance and orientation will appear early in January
      4. If you received a scholarship, it will be applied to your account during the first week of January if you have been registered for classes
    3. Pay your bill: Payment of tuition & fees is due by the first Friday of classes each semester. Payments can be made at any time through Student Account Suite or using the methods found on our website.
  9. Defer or Withdraw Your Application
    1. If you need to update your application status or request a deferral or withdrawal, please complete this our Application Update Form.