Majors & Programs

Undergraduate Majors

Graduate Studies

*Graduate program only available with undergraduate degree from Truman State University.

Graduate Certificate

  • Data Science (online)

Pre-professional Studies
Any student may apply a pre-professional area to almost any major. Students should consult their advisor as soon as possible when choosing one of these designations.

*Pre-Education students complete a bachelor’s degree in a discipline of their choice and are advised to consult their academic advisor and the Department of Education early in their undergraduate program for information and advice on meeting program and certification requirements


*Interdisciplinary minor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my major?
Don’t worry about making the wrong choice! At Truman it is possible to change your major at any time, so if you choose something and then decide you want to pursue another field, you are free to do so!

Can I double-major or add a minor?
Definitely. There are no limits on the majors and minors you can pursue. You may discuss the details of your study plan with the Academic Advisor that you will be assigned after your arrival at Truman.

I am not sure what to choose because I am still not sure what I would like to major in. What should I do?
That’s okay! Many students are not certain which academic path they want to take in their first year. The beauty of a liberal arts education is that it allows you to explore different areas while still working toward your degree (even if you aren’t quite sure what that degree will be yet).  Truman’s Liberal Studies Program is a great tool for finding your area of interest. If you have not decided at the time of application, simply choose the Undeclared option on our application.

What can I do with my major?
A big concern when choosing a major is what you can do with it after college.  Check out these Quick Facts by Major created by Truman’s Career Center to help you plan for a future with your desired major.


I would tell anyone who is considering Truman, that Truman is a place where you are encouraged to literally go after the issues you care about, through the majors available or through your own designed major!

Chisom, Nigeria